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Rules of the Evening League

  1. The women’s  matches  will be 3 courts of doubles.  The men’s matches will be 1 court of singles and 2 courts of doubles.
  2. Matches may be played on clay or hard courts.
  3. The women’s matches should begin at 6:30pm unless a different time is agreed upon by the two clubs.
  4. For the men’s matches the courts should be available by 6:30pm, the warm up with the opponent should begin by 6:45pm, and the match play should begin by 6:55pm, unless different times are agreed upon by the two clubs.
  5. Warm-up should be no longer than 10 minutes to ensure daylight.
  6. Matches will use regular ad-deuce scoring.
  7. If a match on a court splits sets, the default is to play the 3rd set as a match tie breaker (the 1st team to 10 points, win by 2 points) in lieu of playing out the 3rd set. But, if all players agree after the split to play a full third set, this can also be an option. This may be desired when first two sets were played quickly and/or lighting is not an issue.  Please consider the conditions and safety of all players when opting to play a full third set.
  8. Tie-breaks, for sets or matches, will be played in Coman format where players switch ends of the court after 1 and then every 4 points.
  9. If a club is unable to provide the required number of players for the match, they must notify the opposing team as soon as possible and at least 24 hour prior to the match (6 players for women’s matches and 5 for men’s matches). It is permissible to use Subs and players from other teams. If a club is unable to field the players for a court, playing “for fun” using additional members of the non-defaulting club is encouraged and the court win shall be given to the team providing the additional players.
  10. Courts should be filled in numeric order when clubs do not have a complete number of players.
  11. Either team may request, at least 1 day prior to the match, a delayed start time of up to 15 minutes for 1, 2, or all courts for facilities without lighting.  For facilities that can provide lighting, the home team may request a later start time.
  12. If a match on a court is unable to start due to lateness of a player beyond 20 minutes, the court win shall be given to the players who are present, but when possible, continuing to play “for fun” is encouraged. Court shifting is not required when a scheduled player is late.
  13. If a player arrives after the match start time, he/she is to receive the remaining minutes of the 10 minute warm-up time or a 5 minute injury prevention warm-up, whichever is longer.
  14. Canceling a match due to rain is determined by the hosting team.   Captains should attempt to discuss any potential rain cancellations by 5:30 p.m.
  15. If a match is cancelled due to rain, lightning, or extreme heat, a score of 1.5 will be awarded to each team. If the match is rescheduled, which is an option, it may be played on any day of the week that is agreeable to both teams, up until the end of August. Once the rescheduled match has been played, the “real” scores should be submitted & replaced at that time.
  16. If a match in progress is called off due to rain or darkness, it can either be rescheduled or .5s can be awarded for any sets completed and won; for sets not completed, .25 should be awarded to both team with no points being awarded for an incomplete third set; if no sets are completed, each team is awarded .5. If rescheduled, the games completed will be ‘counted’ and play will resume with the in-progress set score.  Please remember to equate thunder with lightning, even if lightning is not visible where you are. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to a storm to be struck by lightning.
  17. In order for a match to be canceled or rescheduled due to high temperatures, both captains need to agree to the heat cancellation.  Keep in mind that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recommends for a heat index of 91° to 103° extreme caution should be used to avoid heat cramps or heat exhaustion. A reschedule or cancellation should be done for a heat index of 104° or over when heat exhaustion or heatstroke is likely and physical activity should be avoided.
  18. If a match on a court is unable to complete due to darkness (visibility issue by any of the players) and a lighted option is available, it may be used to complete the match. If no lighted option is available, a score of .5 can be awarded for any set completed on a court. If sets are split on a court, a score of .5 can be awarded to each team.
  19. A retirement occurs when an individual match has started and a player/doubles team is unable to continue due to injury, loss of condition, emergency or refusal to play. In case of a retirement, the non-retiring team shall be credited with the win of the court.
  20. Cell phones must be turned off during a match. If a cell phone rings during play, the opposing team on that court should give a warning for the first occurrence. If there is a second occurrence, the opposing team automatically wins the point in progress. This affects only the court which has the ringing phone; there is no provision for any other courts to claim a hindrance. Cell phone usage is prohibited on the court at Congressional Country Club and is only permitted in the parking lot.
  21. A range of the player level for the division of +.5 to -.5  is permitted (4.5 – 3.5 may play in the 4.0 division, 4.0 – 3.0 in the 3.5 division).
  22. Using a player of a gender different from that of the division or under the age or 21, should be discussed & approved by the opposing team captain.  The player should be placed in a position appropriate to their level of play.
  23. The winning team will submit the number of courts won and lost via Score Entry.
  24. Unless stated here otherwise, the set of USTA rules and The Code should be followed.
  25. Primarily all white clothing, accessories, head gear, and shoes must be worn at Congressional Country Club & Columbia Country Club home matches.
  26. If both the home and away teams agree to change the home location, this is permissible.
  27. Home teams are expected to provide post-match refreshments.