Tennis Comes Alive with ‘T&T’ and ‘Live Ball’ Clinics

Potomac Almanac Feb 5th 2014, by Susan Belford


Intense sessions strengthen beginners and experienced players.

Smash that ball! Put it away! Finish the point! Move your feet! Get your racquet back up and ready for the next shot!” Participants pant, sweat drips — the game is on and players are striving to improve. Balls fly across the net as players hit ground strokes, volleys and overheads. Pros holler tips, instructions and commands — encouraging players to move more quickly and hit more solidly.

The new “Live Ball” and “Techniques and Tactics” tennis clinics are providing an exhilarating tennis program that helps both beginners and competitive players raise the level of their games. Also called “The Best Clinic” (, the 90- minute clinics focus on reactions and net play, closing out points, positioning and winning. There is no “down time” — the cardio work-out is intense and the points played are challenging.

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